Gudrun's livsfortælling


Dette har jeg skrevet til min alkoholiske mor.
Der er garanteret grammatiske fejl, men håber i kan lide det.

I think back when I was a child
and everyone around me smiled
I only saw the good things in life
a man and his wife

One day everything swing around
And I saw the world drown
With clear open eyes
I saw all these lies
Because of what you did
You forgot that I was just a kid

So I grow up to fast
and it was never your last
I always hoped and hoped
but you were always doped

You just lay there on the floor
I could\'nt take that anymore
I did\'nt sleep in the nights
because of all these fights

That\'s why I rolled a joint
It was the end of the point
All my thoughts went away
And I saw the light of the day

I love you so much
but do you know, you kept me in a hutch?


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